The Importance of Maintaining Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a small unit that is installed in your basement or crawlspace, the major purpose of a sump pump is to prevent any flooding that could occur at any time. It is very important as it is a vital piece of equipment for keeping your residence safe from water damage. 

Sump pump will push down the excess groundwater caused by rains or floods to flow into the pit. When the water level in the pit reaches a certain threshold, it trips a float switch that activates the sump pump. The device pumps the excess water out of the pit through a pipe or hose and out of the basement.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Most plumbing professionals recommend doing simple maintenance, for every four months or yearly. Whatever you do, first make sure it’s working. Remove the covering to the sump pit and clear it of any accumulated debris. To ensure the running condition, pour enough water into the pit so it rises to a certain level.  At this point, the water should flow out the exit pipe or hose. If not, make sure the power is on. If this is not the problem, you need to call your plumber to take a look. 

Here are the main tasks you should start with,

Clear dirt and debris from the pit.

Make sure that the sump pump power supply is working and connected properly. Ensure whether the pump is plugged into a working ground fault circuit interrupter outlet and that the cord is in good shape. Especially, if your sump pump is in a damp area, this must be checked. 

Ensure the pump itself is in an upright position. While it’s running,a sump pump can produce vibrations which could end up with the mechanism’s failure.

Whenever you check the sump pump, pour some water into the pit to make sure that the pump is triggered and the water drains efficiently once the pump is running. If the pump doesn’t start, it’s a sign to conduct sump pump maintenance and repair.

Ensure the outlet pipes are joined together and in good, solid condition.

Once you’ve checked all the criterias, you may come to know whether a sump pump is needed or not.

Benefits of sump pump


Sump pump is designed to work during emergency situations,so you must know whether it will work or not. Regular sump pump maintenance is the great way to make sure of the condition of the sump pump.


Without regular maintenance, your sump pump may become worn out. It might not be working well enough. So regular inspections and tests by a professional will help you to save costly repairs.

Sump pump maintenance will help you know the issues and prevent future damage. This will save your time, effort, and money.